How to Prevent Moisture from Damaging Items in a Self Storage Unit


Storage facilities are great options for individuals and businesses who lack enough space to keep their items or inventory, or when moving, renovating, or downsizing. Whichever reason, these facilities ensure their belongings are safe from damage and theft.

However, some self storage units do not have climate control mechanisms. If you rely on such a unit, your items might grapple with a bad enemy, which is moisture. Here are some practical tips that can assist you in protecting your items from moisture in a storage facility.


Always Find Out the Average Level of Humidity in the Storage Unit

If you rent an indoor unit to store your items, then request the company to share information about its humidity level on average. According to Holloway Storage, the acceptable level of humidity in storage facilities should be below 50% to avoid damage by moisture, growth of mildew and molds, wood rot, and rust.

You can purchase and install a humidity gauge to be sure the unit has acceptable levels of humidity as you will monitor the RH levels yourself.


Inspect the Unit Regularly for Leaks

If you are planning to rent an outdoor unit for storing your items, then check it regularly for signs of leaks. Inspecting a storage space for leaks before leasing it is the easiest way of ensuring water will not spill in and damage your items.

Look out for any cracks or holes on the ceiling and the walls. In case of such signs, get them repaired right away as they can widen with time and water can spill into the unit.


Protect Your Items Properly Before Putting Them in Self Storage

A practical and sure way of protecting your items from moisture damage is packing and covering them properly. For instance, if you store furniture, ensure you wrap and cover them with blankets and a plastic sheet to keep out moisture.

Mattresses should also be covered with plastic sheets. Furs and clothing should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before storing them. It is best if you hung the clothes inside a wardrobe box if possible.

If the storage facility is made of a concrete floor, then place your items on pieces of wood. Avoid placing them directly on a concrete floor to avoid condensation due to the cold concrete. Read more about interesting storage facts here.


Put Some Charcoal in the Unit

Charcoal or any other desiccant can be a great material for eliminating any musty odors and absorbing moisture. Put some charcoal briquettes inside a basket, pouches, a bucket with a foil or plastic lining, or simply on a metallic tray. Then put them all around the unit.

However, avoid putting charcoal against items that can get marked or stained since charcoal stains can be difficult to remove on some items. Also ensure that the pieces of charcoal are completely dry before using them. You can replace them after a month or two to keep the unit’s air fresh.

With these tips in mind, your items will be safe from damage by moisture when kept in a self storage facility. Always check your unit regularly to ensure your items are safe.