911 Dispatcher Training Schools and Colleges


911 Dispatchers can work in a variety of fields including health care, public safety and aviation. A number of schools offer programs and coursework in 911 dispatcher training. 911 Dispatcher training can be found in a number of fields including health care, public safety, or aviation. Some of these fields and programs only consist of one class, and it should be kept in mind that each field has different license requirements.

911 Dispatcher Training Program Begins …..

A new program developed by the Public Safety Center of Excellence at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) will address a shortage of dispatchers needed to staff regional emergency call centers. The five-week training program mixes classroom and hands-on instruction to prepare dispatchers to handle police, fire and emergency medical calls. Graduates will receive two professional dispatching certifications. Read more here……..

Basic 911 Dispatcher Training Programs….

Training for 911 dispatcher trainees usually begins when an offer of employment is extended from the PSAP. New 911 operators generally must complete in-service training, which is generally offered at the state level through such agencies as the State Board of Education, the State’s Law Enforcement Academy, or the Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training, although local training programs exist among some as well.

911 Dispatcher Training Jobs and Salary…..

A 911 Dispatcher earns an average wage of $16.29 per hour. People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Multitasking and Systems Computer/Console Operations. Read more here……

911 dispatcher plays a key role in emergency response, as this is the person who answers the call when someone needing immediate assistance calls 911. The dispatcher’s job is to keep the caller calm and collected, gain as much information as possible, and communicate it to appropriate first-res ponders.

911 dispatchers are trained to listen closely for clues that could help them send help to a dangerous situation.  For more information to visit……………..